Since becoming a Certified Compton PESL accent trainer in 2011,  I have specialized providing American accent training for international priests and religious ministers in United States.  As a lecturer for the Institute of Priests and Presbyterates, I have given over 20 workshops on American Language and Culture to several dioceses in the United States.  I am currently expanding my services to all professionals and students who want to pronounce American English with more clarity and confidence.

American Accent, Language, and Culture Training


American Accent Training

International Priest and Religious

Many international priests and religious often hear  "Father is a great person, but I can't understand him."  I train priests to speak clearly in both liturgical and pastoral settings, so that speech is not a barrier to their ministry.

Students and Professionals

I provide American accent training for university students and professionals.  I can help you prepare for academic presentations and client consultations.  My training works well for graduate teaching and medical personnel.

Why Do Accent Training with LightWord Services?


Lessons can be completed online via video conferencing. The online booking system allows for easy scheduling and communication. I offer in-person training for those located in the Sacramento/Bay Area.


Each training begins with a full phonological assessment that tailors the instruction to focus only on the speech patterns that need the most practice.


Using the Compton PESL Method, students who practice 1-hour each day during the 13-week program can expect to have at least 50% better accuracy and clarity upon completing the program.


For priests and religious, the SPEAC workbook includes words and sentences taken from the NAB Bible and Roman Missal.  For students and professionals, we focus on speech tasks that you use for your job or area of study.

Fr. Jacob Dankasa

A lady made an interesting comment to me after Mass. This lady wasn't aware that I'm taking this course to improve my accent in American English. But after Mass, she came to me and said, "Father your pronunciation is getting better. You're enunciating words so well. I can understand you better. I don't know what you're doing, but whatever you're doing, keep doing it." When she said that, what came to my mind was: "Jeff is working."

Br. Steven Kropp, OFM Cap

Jeff Jenkins has provided Accent training for at least a dozen of our Capuchin Franciscans Brothers coming to the USA from India and Ethiopia for ministry and advanced studies.  Along with the materials provided, his attentive one on one interaction with each of them has helped them to gain an understating of the complexities of various accents and given them practical knowledge and skills to gradually master American Accented English.  His dedication to these brothers has proved invaluable for their acculturation and integration into our life and ministry in the Midwest USA.

Programs and Costs

  • Initial Accent Screening

    Before you can start the 13-week or 7-week program, you must do a screening first to determine your accent level. Moderate to heavy accents qualify for the 13-week program.  Light accents, the 7-week program.  I will inform you which program is for you.


  • 13-week Accent Course

    This course uses a full phonological assessment to determine the top 20 sounds that you need to adapt to a North American Accent.  Later weeks in this course focus on oral reading, public speaking, and conversation.  All materials are included.


    *sliding scale pricing is available 

  • 7-week Accent Course

    This course uses a full phonological assessment to determine the top 10 sounds that you need to adapt to a North American Accent.  Later weeks focus on oral reading, public speaking, and conversation.  All materials included.


    *sliding scale pricing is available 

  • Full Phonological 


    This service gives you a clear report of which sounds you are producing that would sound accented to a North American audience. For priests and religious,  this report will be indexed to the SPEAC workbook.


  • Refresher (existing clients)

    This is for clients who have completed the 13 or 7-week Accent Training Course, and want to continue training.  Clients can use this time to work on speaking tasks such as presentations or homilies, or do advanced sound work on particularly difficult areas to master.


  • English as a Second Language Tutoring

    This is for clients who want personalized instruction in English.  I will work with the client to develop a course for building skills in reading, writing, listening, and grammar.  Students may schedule up to 5 sessions per week.  Web-based materials will be used.


  • Group Workshops

    I provide customized workshops on American Accent and Culture for groups, particularly dioceses.  Formats in the past have included 4 sessions on accent and 4 on communication and culture in the United States. Costs vary based on number of sessions and accommodations.


  • Speaking Pastoral English in America Course (SPEAC) Workbook

    Recently updated, this workbook uses examples from the Roman Missal and New American Bible to help students focus on specific sound formation.  The E-book includes user-friendly links to sound files for easy practice.


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